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Security Deposit:

The purpose of the deposit is to secure payment to SEC for electricity consumed. SEC reserves the right to amend the deposit amounts. SEC will assess usage based on electrical appliances installed (or to be installed) and will charge a deposit based on the monthly estimated usage. All deposits are refundable, minus any balance due for electricity consumed, when the related account is closed.

Saba Electric Company requires a deposit and signing of the contract before the service is connected.

Production and Distribution Tariffs:

In addition to your deposit, new homes are subject to the production and distribution tariffs. These fees vary, because annually the Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) in The Netherlands sets the maximum tariffs for consumers. The fixed fee is set once per year, while the variable fee can be set twice a year, depending on the fuel prices.

Visit ACM's website for more details: 

ACM Rates:




Tariff Change 2021



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