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Online Account and Credit Card Payments*

Pay online or view your account status and history.

How it works:

When your account is set up on the web portal there are several features that you can explore:


  • Financial history

  • Usage history

  • View invoices

  • Contact SEC via email

  • Make a payment**

To register your account, you will need:

  • SEC account number and phone number as setup in the SEC billing software (this information has to be identical to what is set up in the billing software).

  • Choose your account from the list in the event that you have multiple accounts.

  • To verify please contact SEC on or call +599 416 3266 to verify or to add the required information needed to set up the account.

*Credit card transactions are encrypted via a payment gateway for additional security


**Payment option is where the credit payment is processed by following the simple steps outlined. There are no additional charges for customers. Currently, credit card payments can only be processed online. It does not matter if the account is not in your name. Multiple users can be assigned to the same account e.g.: land lord, tenant etc.

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Online Account Options

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