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SEC celebrates World Earth Day 2024

Here at Saba Electric Company, we are committed to the implementation, promotion, and adoption of sustainable practices for our home island! In order to be successful stewards of our planet, we must tackle environmental protection at individual, organizational, communal, and island-wide levels!

As we celebrate World Earth Day 2024, we encourage all citizens of Saba to be aware of, and to educate yourselves on environmental protection measures. We encourage changing your life around in small ways to adopt sustainable practices. As SEC continues to develop and grow, we are also keeping sustainability at the forefront of our planning and implementation efforts.

Together, we are united. Saba Electric Company looks towards a holistic and intersectional future where the planet and our environment are at the forefront of decision-making processes. 

Happy Earth Day everyone! Continue being advocates for things bigger than yourselves. 🌎

(Photo Credits: Pinterest)

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